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The dream came again This galactic tsunami Crashing upon my shore I tossed in my fear Sweating inside this World cataclysm Going ungently before No more the horsemen Pale death a rider Pointing to something unseen Tidal wave coming Nothing … Continue reading

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Saw It Coming

I saw it coming But you refused to see You shut your eyes And turned away from me The mirrored image Showed the tumults sway You wouldn’t notice You just looked away I saw it coming Saw it take you … Continue reading

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Caught in the middle Emotions like tsunamis Rising all around Life is a riddle Seems you need an army Just to hold ground Caught in a tempest Everything extreme And nothing makes sense Still you try your best Rational it … Continue reading

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Feeling this grow Like a river coursing to the ocean Like a wave building to tsunami Like eyes brimming before tears This momentum It’s a rhythm Behind my eyes A beating headache Mistaken for heartbeat It’s the readiness And suspension … Continue reading

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