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The Elephant in the Room

If we do not speak of it It will not be there That’s what we said And for days we managed To skirt around it For words do damage And sight even more If we allow ourselves to see it … Continue reading

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Razor’s Edge

I’m on the razor’s edge Of impossibilities On every road to choose A hungry devil waits Caught in the cold Implacable hands of fate From this trajectory I can’t deviate I’m barely breathing When the road before Is too straight … Continue reading

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Saw It Coming

I saw it coming But you refused to see You shut your eyes And turned away from me The mirrored image Showed the tumults sway You wouldn’t notice You just looked away I saw it coming Saw it take you … Continue reading

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Ghazal 3

These armies marched with red cross splashed on white Through death and darkness salvaging the light The artist eschews greys and dimmer shades To birth his newest canvas coloured bright The blind man touches truth with senses sharp A keener … Continue reading

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