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Summer Sea Memory

Flickering like old movies On wartime movie screens Summer sea memory Greets me In a waking dream Part beautiful and part dread It’s nothing like it seems Summer sea memory Haunts me In a waking dream Pinned like butterflies shivering … Continue reading

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Razor’s Edge

I’m on the razor’s edge Of impossibilities On every road to choose A hungry devil waits Caught in the cold Implacable hands of fate From this trajectory I can’t deviate I’m barely breathing When the road before Is too straight … Continue reading

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Devil’s Knot

Caught in a devil’s knot Betwixt and here between Something essential that I yet forgot Something I had seen Trapped in the devil’s knot Innocence fled me that night Thus I have found the cursed spot Nothing I saw was … Continue reading

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These tears I’ve shed Are trapped within your spider’s web Like silver sparkling in light What hurts the most Can most delight This trap you laid Seemed too beguiling, unafraid I swept within your cold embrace The sweetest fruit Has … Continue reading

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I cannot cross here to the shore I’ve lingered thus so long before In dreams in nightmares and in life I’ve felt the whip, the lash, the knife I know these waters run aground I know the promise they surround … Continue reading

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