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I dreamt of a castle on a hill Too grand to be but even still I yearned to reached its heights until The dream was gone I searched the world entire yet No closer could I ever get I fell … Continue reading

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The Mystery

I could not capture the mystery It was too deeply etched on a face too hidden from full view Those days we often laughed and dreamt wild dreams that only youth would dare to dream And in those days I … Continue reading

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The dream came again This galactic tsunami Crashing upon my shore I tossed in my fear Sweating inside this World cataclysm Going ungently before No more the horsemen Pale death a rider Pointing to something unseen Tidal wave coming Nothing … Continue reading

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What message do you give me In this twilight world This forest deep wherein you roam And regenerate Shed your skin and breathe anew And slithering, quietly come in view And resting on my lap here awhile What do you … Continue reading

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These things they say of hope I cannot see them Find myself blind It seems to me that times of hope Were times that would precede despair It was the thing I clinged to When nothing else was there And … Continue reading

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Floating peacefully downstream Lost in exquisite Haunting dreams Gliding softly in the flow Where the foolish Often go I am sinking through my skin Water ends where I begin Songs are lilting through the spheres Let me melt And disappear Quick … Continue reading

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Fluttering wings Against my cold cheek Foolish things Just a dream What does heaven seek Far downstream? Angels sigh But they never speak Only cry Be their host Once before you die Love the most (c) Helen Valentina 2014, All … Continue reading

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Dragon Dream – for Prompt 40 Sheer Wonder

  Adrift in city streets at night No cars in sight I’m calling to a distant light These stars indeed might fall for me They might A single child lost in despair With no-one there As susseration splits the air … Continue reading

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Sonambulatory surrender Caught between Ether and ethereal Exilir and exile Wandering blind but seeing Down shadowed hallways Shuffling, shuffling Delirious disorientation Shot through with Night and nightmare Delirium and dream Every step a pattern Of preternatural instinct Shuffling, shuffling Sleepwalker … Continue reading

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Dream Tone

Soft reverberation In the midst of the night A melody without progression Wafting from the inner ear It’s a dream tone Sounding silently But perceptibly Against your skin It’s a warning And a siren call It’s a blessing and a … Continue reading

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