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Storm Born

Storm born my mother said Kicking and screaming Into the blackest night Stormclouds roiling Thunder singing My birthing song Where I most belong Storm born, shaking her head The drama living on In every passing year Lightening dazzling Cracking evening … Continue reading

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Storm clouds

Storm clouds overhead promise rain in tempest Food for a parched ground Death to new life bursting forth Moments too soon The nourisher and the ghoul Raging wind and electricity Surging through roiling mist Covering an aching sky Watching from … Continue reading

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Forgotten Dreams

Fleeting image in a mirror In a darkened, silent room A flash of white and pure light Black hair flowing in a stream She said ‘It’s nothing like it seems’ Ill spent days and forgotten ways I think I know … Continue reading

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Storm Season

You are storm season Electricity crackling On a dry, grey afternoon sky Distant rumbling Of thunder Like chariots passing by You are storm season You are lightning striking Lone tree hill An exclamation point as highlight Terrible truth Rising within … Continue reading

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