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I’m waiting for you Alone in this noisy room My coffee growing cold Numbering the lies you’ve told To me and all the others Such a faithless lover Yet I’m still waiting Waiting for you What will you do? If … Continue reading

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And Shall the King Return

And shall the king return To this great land So loved by god? Too many years we’ve wandered Aimless in our emptiness Without a hope or leader In our sight Democracy just another word For delusion So shall he yet … Continue reading

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Fickle friends and faithless lovers Scoundrels all, no band of brothers Fair weather companions promising all Cloudy day comes, not even a call Would be winners, they pridefully boast Welcoming arms, the most perfect hosts First bitter wind, shutting the door … Continue reading

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Last Moments, Fallen in Battle

Susseration Sounds, sibilant Surrounding silence Murmuring memories I am alive I am alive Breathing betrays Beckoning beauty Breaking all boundaries Reflecting realities I know death I know death Faithless friend Forebears and fathers Foster no fealty Embracing endlessness This is … Continue reading

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