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We were dancers all In the masquerade We were innocent Of the part we played We just revelled in The bizarre parade Merely dancers in The black masquerade Of the deaths that came In our merry wake We are innocent … Continue reading

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On the Water

See her dance upon the water Just a nymph The ocean’s daughter See it sparkle With her laughter Soulful siren as she turns And she dips We watchers burn See us tremble As we learn See her swaying, dancing soul … Continue reading

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Spinning Dervish dancer Seeping into water You’re the springtime’s Secret daughter Ephemeral Twirling Ballerina Quickly spinning flower You’re the sensation Of the hour Ephemeral Dancing Evolution Returning to your level Are you angel now Or devil? Ephemeral (c) Helen Valentina … Continue reading

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A dancing sweet delight Two lovers in the night The moon here witness to The weave of black and blue We’re drunken on the air Part victory, part despair And should you steal a kiss Such momentary bliss! The music … Continue reading

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We were all dancing, lost in the wind Where one would stop, another begin All of this laughter, none of it sin We were just dancing, lost in the wind Follow the piper into the wood Some music tempting, some … Continue reading

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Dancing All Alone

I’m dancing all alone To sleepy syncopation Every slide and step just seems A singular innovation The sweep of saxophone And I’m dreaming of the night I’m just dancing all alone It’s a kind of sweet delight I’m humming to … Continue reading

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Club Ritual

In these light strewn modern caverns Where the beauteous ones all meet Dance their own beloved rituals In search of chemical release Would the fabled gods of old Swoop on the denizens within Seek in alcohol’s pure succor Bids for … Continue reading

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