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This vast city shimmers Along the shoreline Mirroring icy glittering beauty Of a thousand lights So beautiful tonight I could almost believe In a heaven somewhere Far away And yet like this Metropolis But underneath the beauty Lurks the truths … Continue reading

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The Forest

I go to the forest at night If only in my mind To find a tranquility In darkened paths And moonlit creeks As if within the mystery I seek My own heart Deep in the forest at night I find … Continue reading

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Mother Moon

Mother moon Tending to her children Aquatic Steady gaze Nurturing Chaos into life Dark into light This wonderful night Mother moon Softly avenging Cruelty Of man here On ancient ships Searching for life Blinding their sight This wonderful night Mother … Continue reading

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Catch My Dreams

Catch my dreams They float far too high For my reach Make them sweet The night is too dark I’m afraid Golden warmth Caught in your sweet net Guide me home (c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Meet me in the darkened places The city streets Purged and empty In the small hours Before the merciless morning Meet me in the cloying shadows Lurking by the roadside Beggars crying Restless in sleep Stolen by interminable hunger Meet … Continue reading

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The rush of silver The city at night I remember you laughing, calling my name We were dancing in the early hours like children So young And I thought this would last forever or at least till the morning and … Continue reading

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Meet Me

Meet me there In the hush of twilight Down the park Where shadows linger Under the light Of a lone lamp shining Meet be there Meet me there And hear them whisper The others here That meet in secret Under … Continue reading

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Promised you a treasure Little child Promised you a secret Running wild Locked away is all That I could tell Down within the caves Where none may dwell Promised you perfection In a day Promised you the tender Things to … Continue reading

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The Devil in Love

Falling light Caress the sky It’s been so long Recollections are gone And what did you repay For heaven’s silent song? Waking age A youthful bloom Heartbeats remain A cold and faithless friend And what would you now give To … Continue reading

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Clever silver queen Flickering sublime The morning’s beckoning you away But you remain Hovering above You are another type of love Another type of love Moonlighting blooming sprite Ancient but still young A soft revolving dream To dance with stars … Continue reading

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