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Dandelion Wishes

Light as air Sweet dandelions Hover there On the stair I watch as they fly Light as air Make a wish Before they are gone In the sky Till you know Wishes all come true If you try (c ) … Continue reading

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Blooming girl Nature gilds your wings As you grow Rose heart fire Tresses caught alight Earthly awe Perfect sight Bloom before us now Pure starlight (c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Early morning fog Clear the path for journeying Beyond the mist All roads will lead To where the glory yet dawns At the break of day Clothed in grace of time I’m warm against this winter I will yet endure … Continue reading

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Haiku Pondering

A brief sentence here to say nothing but the fact that these words are brief Words that sound so wise but in the end say little are poetry’s thief I just love a phrase Follow where it leads me to … Continue reading

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Haiku Couplets

Meditate on life; the rosebud can now bloom Tapestry music; dancers weave in the room Moment of beauty; child’s laughter of delight Mythic love fragrant; moon and stars kiss goodnight (c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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More Random Haiku

Sparrow song Morning troubador welcomes Spring Winter frost Coat of brittle white sadly worn Poetry Way to speak of truth with design Coffee run; See the stitched up suits in full flight At day’s end ponder; was the race worth … Continue reading

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Soul Needs – Haiku

Adversity calls spirit; these hero soldiers face uncertain dawn Hunger crawls within the heart; hunter primes his bow, innocent prey falls Blessed are those that forgive; stone heart turns away a graveyard angel Faith trembles before the altar; a moment … Continue reading

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Visible Anger

Anger spills over my senses; red like the bull in mid fight or flight My face is a sword poised; ancient samurai now ready for battle In my brisk footsteps dire warning; lowered eyes letting the storm pass I should … Continue reading

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Haiku Musings

The wind that whistles biting; icy jawed creature from the very depths New roses in bloom Buds peep open; introduce this shy debutante Clever strategist checkmate only three moves now Blink and you miss it Models strut catwalk towering; amazon … Continue reading

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Unconnected Haiku

Wrapped up in this warmth created; autumn leapfrogs summer’s true decline Shadow puppets sway Children’s faces pressed against Store windows at night Lovers’ fingers can’t touch; no passion can be found here between their graves Supernatural foe barred; circle symbols … Continue reading

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