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She Was too wild For this little world Yet Never a child Never a little girl She Bathed in pure light Shone like a falling star Yet Even in darkest night Never fell too far She Sang her sweet song … Continue reading

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Haiku Couplets

Meditate on life; the rosebud can now bloom Tapestry music; dancers weave in the room Moment of beauty; child’s laughter of delight Mythic love fragrant; moon and stars kiss goodnight (c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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Dark Nights

Dark Knights begin their marching In a bleak parade A modern-day Hamlet By obsession is betrayed His every fevered thought Through the media relayed By the lake they watch and wait For the Dark Knights passing by And could this … Continue reading

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Are you a Raven?

Spreadeagled on the altar I wait ‘Are you a Raven?’ she asked I do not know, I do not know And does it matter? ‘It might’ she replied A Psychopomp Weaving its way to the underneath Coiled within waiting for … Continue reading

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