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Entering from the very end The follower plays chess On empty boards And runs down forest pathways To unreachable lights The ferryman is laughing In this good but darkened night And the clowns are crying At the parties We dismiss … Continue reading

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Checkmate in Hell

They put you in checkmate in hell The floor beneath your penitent feet Seems to smirk and whisper Too late, too late! You played your games Feeling immortal as only Foolish mortals might And when no fires greeted you For … Continue reading

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Kingdoms lost At bleak break of day Count the cost Foolish game Each expendable Just the same We’re so small Our hopes do not count Not at all Even kings Cannot turn the tide Not a thing Gods will play … Continue reading

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A Triptyche of Pain: Three interlinked poems

Pain Slake the thirst of bitter pain Each tear a droplet unbidden From a depthless, vast sea Red as blood I’m stained All the secrets I’d keep hidden Part like lost friends from me No choice, just wail and cry … Continue reading

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Haiku Musings

The wind that whistles biting; icy jawed creature from the very depths New roses in bloom Buds peep open; introduce this shy debutante Clever strategist checkmate only three moves now Blink and you miss it Models strut catwalk towering; amazon … Continue reading

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The pawn moves like willing fodder Foot soldier Queen advances Protected by rook eyeing her prey King holds back The terrain unsure, waiting news Knights ride forth flanked by bishop bright armed by God Achieve mate Followed quick by check … Continue reading

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Alchemical Chess

‘In chess Someone must play The dark pieces’ she said It struck me as a revelation of a deeper, sadder truth Through irritation the pearl is formed Through adversity strength and honor shine Through age wisdom may emerge What is … Continue reading

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