Watery Light

Image credit: Kletr/Shutterstock.com

Image credit: Kletr/Shutterstock.com

This watery light
Awakens my soul
I have slept too long
But warmth upon my eyelids
Bids them open
And gaze out
Of my prison
Made of imagination’s stone
And ponder flight and freedom
And to swim
And swim alone
To atone

Too long in darkness
Have I dwelt
Of my own choice
Like the citadel of guilt
Was comfort on its own
But light upon the water
Reminds me
of my greater home
The chance to fly
And answer all
the questions why
And to atone

c) Helen Valentina

About Helen

I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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2 Responses to Watery Light

  1. philipparees says:

    ‘Imagination’s stone’ This is one of your best Helen!

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