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True Diversity

So let’s embrace true diversity He said Xenophobia should not extend Beyond the stars And species are more varied Than our little world suggests When reaching to the universe We won’t find our own face Reflected back serene But something … Continue reading

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Above it All

We float above it all This glorious shining city Of the free We sing across the spheres Triumphant glory songs For the free Adrift among the stars We cannot lose our way When we are free The universe is ours … Continue reading

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Star Struck

I’m strung out on the atmosphere tonight I’m wallowing in the luminescence Twirling through sheer starlight The breeze on the air is humming A tone I knew so long go And I’m dimly aware I’m falling Where the brave dare … Continue reading

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Confinement is imprisonment Little pioneer of science Once the vastness of your world Comprised of dirty, city streets And endlessness was hunger Cold and pain Brothers and sisters found In science’s sepulchral walls Once worthless finding worth In expendability All … Continue reading

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Space Age Dolls

Space age dolls So iridescent White and sleek Hybrid eyes Heavy heads can’t hold Deeper thought Saturn, Mars So planetary In a spin Space age dolls Don’t know where they end Where begin © Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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