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Wise Little Cat

  This wise little cat Is a king This little cat Knows its form Is not what it birthed Not what was born But what it forms   This little feline Has a cause Sharp are its words Sharper yet … Continue reading

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A Cat May Dream

Even a cat may dream Perhaps especially this feline Slinky purveyor of the night Can climb to the highest point And taunt the stars Spread out like a banquet For its fastidious palate Hanging the moon Out to dry Even … Continue reading

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My familiar is beside me in the night She is a feline, stretching, pawing out of sight She carries many names and none are mine I will know all her secrets in good time My familiar is a companion in … Continue reading

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Cat stretch Luxuriant Eyes the world With sly curiosity Waiting for a mouse To swat With lazy paw Or a human To entice Then torment With playful glee So wise he waits The perfect moment Purring softly A siren song … Continue reading

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