La Vie En Rose

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That old song
La Vie en Rose
Draws me in
At the end of this perfect day
The colour so redolent
Of all on display
I think I know
What the singer proclaimed
For a moment I’m her
On the streets of Paris
Another’s face, another’s name
Another’s flame

I live it
La Vie en Rose
Falling deep
Into perfect slumber, perfect sleep
The pink shimmering on my lips
My tongue
I am undone
And I will never be the same
Another’s face, another’s name
Another’s flame

(C0 Helen Valentina. 2020

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Royal Hue

Royal hue
On her upturned face
Open grace

Purple fire
The whim of desire
Sacred space

In the stars
Hear the choir
Sing to you

Splendour here
This now perfect year’s
Royal hue

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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May they all be blessed
To be best at one thing
To rise as the angels sing
To reach for the stars
And to reach the mountains
That this cold world debars

Exceptional, rise
With stars in their eyes
Only on the wings of such prayer
Can they ever reach there
But for each little soul to be whole
They must fly
Much further than you or I

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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I will reach for the world
Travelling in my mind
A little wish
Before I sleep
A yearning for
More, just more
Across the oceans wide and deep

I will wish for the earth
Responding to my itchy feet
Just to walk
The ancient shores
A yearning for
More, just more
To make this life and soul complete
To make my heart complete

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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Time’s Servant

Image Credit:StunningArt/

I am nothing if not time’s servant
I hear his voice
Whisper just out of reach
Urging hurry, hurry
Lest I lose
A precious second to indolence or
Mere pleasure
Tick tock
Says the clock
Above my head
Filling me with hope and fire and dread
Driving me on, and on

What am I racing to or for I may yet ask
Feeling quite unequal to the task
But he does not answer, Mr Time
He urges on and it’s as though
I am but victim to an undertow
Without a reason or a rhyme
It’s only time
Driving me on, and on

One day the clock may weaken, may yet slow
As I grow old perhaps
The demands may lessen or withdraw
And would I miss the pressing need
Or find in silence not solace
Only a feeling as life bleeds out
Step by step and all I’ve raced
Is gone with age, is but erased
And someone’s footfall just behind
Chases the ghost
I have become
As time’s new servant
Driving me on, and on

(c) Helen Valentina 200

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Blue Rose

Image Credit: leolintang/

And in those days he gave me
A blue rose
I did not know it’s meaning
And I held it in my hand
His eyes were deep and begged me
Silent still to understand

A castle is a cold place
A blue rose
You cannot warm a hearth
So vast and made of stone
There is no way for love
To climb upon the throne

And war’s a bloody master
A blue rose
In savagery we will yet see
The flower’s deadly form
And love’s impossibility
At widow’s dawn

(c). Helen Valentina 2020

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I Once Lived

Image Credit: Elena11/

I once lived
On a world where the sea
Was inky black
And the moon wept blood
For the savagery of the tide
And there I would reside even now
Had not I fell
Through the galaxy and firmament
To this fresh hell

In dreams I return
To the place of my soul’s birthing
I weep and I yearn
For this hearth and this home
In the darkness hiding
And yet abiding
In a gentleness this world’s
Never known

For one moment to touch
The naked shore and breath
The fiery, forgotten air
I remember, I recall and despair
No more to return
You evolve and you learn
It’s just a dream
You were never there
Just an burning icicle floating mid air

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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Nothing to See

Image Credit: Nomad_Soul/

I’ve been waiting patiently
I’m sure you will agree
To find a decent book
Or something worthwhile on TV
I’ve held to the remote
And seen it like a vote
And I’d never gad about
For the fear of missing out
But still it seems that I’m
Just withering on the vine
So when did I believe
There was something here to see?
Pay per view it seems
Is only peddling dreams
Till life just past me by
In the blinking of an eye
Still they say it’s  a must see
This new series on TV
So I guess I’ll watch the show
I’ve got nowhere else to go….

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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Burning without and within
Purifying this stain
My history draws out the blood
Of those misguided and misunderstood
Who stood before the flame
And knew its name

An acolyte I freely fall
Before an altar I can’t see
And yet I feel it even so
It follows where my sweet blood flows
To wash away the time
And make it mine

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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Come With Me

Image credit: frankie’s/

Come with me
Come and see the world
Flags unfurled

In the air
You can see so far
Be a star

On our way
Just a step or two
Calling you

Come with me
Come and see it all
You won’t fall

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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