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A death’s a merry way To worship You might say A blight of history The choice made by men But rising hope Can crash through darkness And its reverie And shine a light And show the path Is here again … Continue reading

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The soul triumphant alights As eagles to the air The sky splinters across This desolate hemisphere As holy armies clash And raise their righteous spears Till this scarred spirit brings Hope yet to deep despair An angel’s wings must break … Continue reading

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Faith dissolves and recreates A fleeting bird Do you see? On the wings of a prayer? Desolation calls for more A distant twin to hope Do you hear? Remembering this day? Abject we may fall To ancient crosses now Do … Continue reading

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No more revolutionary thought than love No greater or more simple call to arms Against the tide of persistent individuality And natural, bodily greed Survival instincts programmed For the selfish gene And yet this emotion gestates, arises The phoenix unexpected … Continue reading

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There’s a cross on the wall Just where the afternoon shadows Rise and fall There’s a prayer in the heart Just when hope through misery Struggles to start There’s a child in the arms Of a parent who will shelter … Continue reading

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In the dream I stand before A dark illuminated cross Feel the energy Of the ages Leeching from this symbol Silent sentinel Guarding the pathway To an uncertain dawn. (c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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