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Judgement is most harsh When it’s fair Capturing the truth Blind she holds the scales Cannot see Who bends at her feet If the balance tips Favours one Of the powerful Honesty will fall Bleed away Till we’ve lost it … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is shining Over the aching lands And of this golden omen Few among us understands Nor reads the signs across the sky That whisper to us by and by That on such moons the world will turn … Continue reading

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Prime Suspect

And would we all agree That he Must be The prime suspect Of this gallery? And would we all concur Like her Prefer To nod assent And not aver? The judge will raise his brow Just now Avow The sentence … Continue reading

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Falling To The Floor

Suspended in this cold hereafter Robbed of sight, of sound, of laughter Brooding, waiting for a sign from others Passing here before In such caverns, thoughts residing Ancient gods are here presiding Weighing sins to find me wanting, Falling to … Continue reading

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Abraxas and Maat Playing chess Determining the balance Of light and dark Life and death Growth and entropy Redemption has not strayed To this hall for eons now Supplicants to lesser gods Are shunned We witness here The threshold of … Continue reading

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Some things we shouldn’t tolerate….

Why is it, in our modern world, we seem so tolerant of bad behaviour? Nowadays it seems if you are going to be a bastard, the trick is to get in first. It puts you above the reach of anyone … Continue reading

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