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Judgement is most harsh When it’s fair Capturing the truth Blind she holds the scales Cannot see Who bends at her feet If the balance tips Favours one Of the powerful Honesty will fall Bleed away Till we’ve lost it … Continue reading

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One by one Two by two The universe is made All the signs Here align For the light parade Balance for me Like a charm Overhead None will falter None will harm It is said It begins As it ends … Continue reading

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Black and White

Symbolic duality Black and white Balanced held Temporarily What feet may walk Across this chequered floor And what for? Perfect design Each component Like the last In perpetuity What ritual done On a blood washed floor And what for? Between … Continue reading

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One More

One more they cry One more A moment further to delay The fall of the axe The toll of the bell One more they plead One more A day is all Worth fighting for One more One more they say … Continue reading

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I’m balancing precariously Embracing life’s uncertainty Preparing for adversity But praying for the sun I’ll bet on my capacity To sell my true diversity To finally find the place for me To let my spirit run My life’s become hilarity … Continue reading

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Strange Appeal

I have seen the child in the man And the man in the child The wild in civilisation And the civil in the wild The falsehood in sincerity The whiplash in the smile I’ve seen hunger in satiation And fulfilment … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

Oh wow I lost my job today What gift in this circumstance Is hidden away? Gift, schmift Is what I say!! Crap happens somewhere Every day Karma is a bitch but from what I see She bestows her fortune and … Continue reading

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Discord and Detachment

A strange pirouette A moment of discordance The dancer breaks ranks This crawling instinct Disturbs not the zen master’s Meditation zone On the brink of sleep Sharp noise from another room Wakes to alertness Concentrate deeply Even the song of … Continue reading

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When we speak I listen mainly Listen mainly to you Don’t I? I accept the pattern Settled early with us I am the audience And you the star But occasionally Even the understudy Has something, something To say When you … Continue reading

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