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Autumn Delight

Autumn’s beauty Precious creature Golden red and brown sun-kissed foliage A goddess’ headpiece crowning the glory of the last gasps of colour before the chilly grey of winter descends Autumn’s perfection At the trembling moment before death, nature arises to … Continue reading

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New Delights Falling

I can feel the sunlight falling Palpable as golden rays Heralding this dawn And I can taste the colours Like a symphony of flavour That mimics lyrical sound I am awash In perfect morning Senses fevered to new heights And … Continue reading

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Say My Name

Say my name In deepest Winter As icicles form upon Your very breath You’ll call me thief Of joyful memories Make me someone You won’t forget Say my name When Autumn’s colours Paint a picture Upon the lawn I am … Continue reading

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Snow Swept

Snow swept princess Raising her hands Cotton gloved Pure white To shelter her Pretty face Of the wonder Not a trace Not a trace Snow swept princess Gazing out Snow covered glass Brittle day Tremors beauty Once removed If she’s … Continue reading

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Weather Portent

Strange days So cold before the season’s time Hiding within My home like a haven A bleaker sky Seems to call to a memory Just out of reach Chilling temperature Sinking in my skin Warmed by home and hearth And … Continue reading

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Ghazal 2

Secret comrades meeting here, rise and close your door As though to battle bound let fervour fire your core The traveller stakes his aim on conquering higher peaks Then at once to greet them, strides brave across the floor Tumbling … Continue reading

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