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WordPress Rules re Linking to Externally Hosted websites

    Hi Does anyone know if WordPress has any rules about linking a WordPress blog to an externally hosted website? I know you can link to social media sites like Facebook et al, but I seem to remember – in the dim … Continue reading

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RCC Update – Sprouting The Seed – Progress with My First Novel

I’ve been very remiss in keeping my RCC updates up to date, or interacting on the RCC blog itself – so apologies first to my wonderful fellow RCCers! The reason for the absence from this part of blogging is based … Continue reading

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Anyone having trouble with loading their notifications and/or any ‘like’ buttons on blogposts?

I’ve been having trouble on and off for a few weeks now with ‘like’ buttons not loading on blog posts of blogs I follow, to the point that I often can only ‘like’ something in the Reader page. Tonight it … Continue reading

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Always Here if You Need Me Award

This blog award is for those bloggers out there who are especially caring and loyal to their friends. It has been designed by the wonderful Briana at http://whenibecameanauthor@wordpress com , who was kind enough to include me in her nominees. … Continue reading

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RCC Update – Any Advice Most Welcome!!!

Can I make a confession?  Right now I feel like I’m on the brink of nervous exhaustion. My work life is out of control at the moment.  Every day brings new, complex problems and massive juggling of resources and politics, … Continue reading

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To My WordPress Community

In this warm community Embraced by fellow scribes It’s like I find immunity From harsher real life tribes Your friendship and your words Awake a dream within Your writings are like birds About to take to wing I thank you … Continue reading

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Anyone having trouble accessing their Reader today?

Just wanting to ask if anyone is having trouble accessing their Reader at the moment? I try to access it from my dashboard and it keeps saying http://www.wordpress.com is set to private and I need to ask the owner for … Continue reading

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3 Month Bloggerversary

          Tonight will mark my three month bloggerversary – three months ago I finally set my first poems to ‘public’ on the blog and went to bed not expecting anyone to even look at the blog till I … Continue reading

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Rome Construction Crew – First Update

The wonderful Greenembers (check out his blog at http://greenembers.wordpress.com  if you haven’t already had the pleasure) has had the innovative and collaborative genius idea of creating the Rome Construction Crew (RCC) – a group of bloggers all with dreams, aspirations … Continue reading

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Dragon Loyalty Award

http://jrosenberry1.wordpress.com nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!! Given my fairly obvious love of dragons this was especially touching, and also coming from such a great writer and fellow blogger. I highly recommended that you visit her blog – her … Continue reading

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