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Blog/Life Balance

Hi So my new novel, the ghost story, is proceeding well. I’m about two-thirds or more through and should have it complete, all things being equal, by the time I return to work mid next week. I’ve also done some research … Continue reading

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A Pre-Emptive Apology To My WordPress Family….

Hi From time to time I’ve said my work life is mad. Trust me, it is. But for the most part I had a schedule to allow me to blog regardless of the hours and stresses of my work life – an … Continue reading

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Won’t Be Round Much This Weekend….

    Just popping in to say I won’t be round much this weekend and possibly into next week – I have put my lower back out and sitting for any length of time is very painful. I have purchased a … Continue reading

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3 Month Bloggerversary

          Tonight will mark my three month bloggerversary – three months ago I finally set my first poems to ‘public’ on the blog and went to bed not expecting anyone to even look at the blog till I … Continue reading

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Rome Construction Crew – First Update

The wonderful Greenembers (check out his blog at http://greenembers.wordpress.com  if you haven’t already had the pleasure) has had the innovative and collaborative genius idea of creating the Rome Construction Crew (RCC) – a group of bloggers all with dreams, aspirations … Continue reading

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(my) Addictions

The online shopper Hovers over the keypad Credit card at hand One more game to play Majhong mania on-line Barely lets you blink Chocolate ice-cream calls A muted but distinct voice Dark temptation’s song Vodka makes things right Lethal hiding without … Continue reading

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Inspiring Blogger Award

Hi, a very kind fellow blogger: http://mysteriouslyquiet.wordpress.com – nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you so much, that is incredibly kind and humbling. I’m hoping that the rules and posting requirements don’t defeat the rather luddite side of … Continue reading

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