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I need a holiday Somewhere far away Somewhere I’d never go Normally A beach with blazing sun Where I meet everyone Without pretense and so Informally I need to take a break To a world without mistakes The paper and … Continue reading

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Monday Musing

Taking the day off Shrugging off the sense of work Blackberry beckons Itemize the list of actions that justified this Monday reprieve Do each one before lunchtime if you find you can Then you might relax Telephone rings out Breaks … Continue reading

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Bubble bath

Bubble bath Sheer indulgence Senses primed by water and perfume I recline A momentary movie star luxuriating in my mind A happy reverie, simple dream One by one the bubbles burst Last ones forming moving pictures on the water’s surface … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts start to flicker across a mind that is not burdened with intent Bath There is nothing so delightful or soothing as soaking in a bath Regret If you would pre-write Your own obituary Speak not of regret Fickle … Continue reading

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