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I need a holiday Somewhere far away Somewhere I’d never go Normally A beach with blazing sun Where I meet everyone Without pretense and so Informally I need to take a break To a world without mistakes The paper and … Continue reading

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Fly Away

Fly away from this carnival of fools The glitter has now withered As ghost dust on the floor Pierrot is broken-hearted Columbine will come no more So fly away Fly away from this false and gaudy fair In the dirt … Continue reading

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I’ll run away tonight from you I’ll pack up bags so silently That nothing of my passing shall Even whisper on the breeze I’ll travel through the darkest hues Through quiet streets I’ll steal away And you will never raise … Continue reading

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I have had a lucky escape This world has granted reprieve I am blessed by god-given grace In a choice to linger or leave I am shielded from blackened heart I’m protected from political play I’m no longer the unknowing … Continue reading

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