Into The Evening

English: Streetlight by night, shining on a bu...

English: Streetlight by night, shining on a bush. Svenska: Gatulyckta i natten som skiner på en buske. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carrying her small clutchbag
She lingered at the street light
Her cheekbones cut like razors
Flooded in the spotlight
Into the evening
She slipped and swayed
As though the rising sun itself
Could be delayed

Her hair a mane of promise
And her dress a slip of black
She’s standing at her cross roads
She’s never going back
A model for a moment
As though her youth retains
A pale and shimmering lipstick
Leaves sweeter, deeper stains

I saw her for a second
Before she became the night
She flickered like a ghost
Some lost and lonely sprite
Into the evening
She walked a dark parade
As though the rising sun itself
Could be delayed

© Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

About Helen

I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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16 Responses to Into The Evening

  1. I like the image of standing at crossroads, like its decision time in her life.
    Excellent poem Helen, like this one and as has me thinking, which is a good thing.

  2. Really loved the last stanza. Wonderful, Sis!!

  3. “a mane of promise”. yes.

  4. your writing is so beautiful and i am so jealous! always look forward to reading your poetry (:

  5. The 2nd stanza stands out for me the most – a pure write Helen though I have that she is a ‘lady of the night’ and I am most likely wrong. Nicely penned 🙂

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