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Peek-a-boo Shadows lurking Children play In darkened rooms Lullabies Hide their terrors In the world The black rose blooms Hush now child No use crying Shadow friends Have come to play All who live Will soon by dying Nothing more … Continue reading

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Sad Lullaby

Sad and soulful lullaby Mournful in its minor key Rising to a hopeful pitch Falling like a winter’s breeze Something aching in the sound Like forgotten memories Pretty is the tune that plays Lilting softly by degrees Sad and soulful … Continue reading

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Sweet Lullaby 2

A sweet lullaby To calm you to sleep To whisper of thoughts You will treasure and keep A soft melody At the end of the day To give your dreams flight As you drift away The lyrics so soft As … Continue reading

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Night Reverie

Night rings shrill in my ears Fractal electricity Humming beneath Tar filled roads And concrete beams Lights against Midsummer night sky Seem to dance To a madman’s lullaby Strangers’ faces Passed along nervous streets Wear unreal masks From some hidden … Continue reading

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Sweet Lullaby

Sweet lullaby As dusk approaches Take me gently On your way Let me not weep To see your dreamworld Hold me tightly Till the day When I waken Hear you singing In a memory In my heart Not foresaken Nor … Continue reading

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