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Gentle rain fall On lashes of open eyes Softly caressing Every sight Gentle rain touch A sun-drenched skin Droplets are crystals Perfect and bright Gentle raindrops Life force unleashed Clouds slowly rolling Most precious of light (c) Helen Valentina 2015, … Continue reading

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Yves K Morrow’s ‘An Alterable Void’ – a review

Let me begin by saying I love the many and varied talented poets and writers I have had the privilege to meet and read over WordPress. The skill and generosity of all constantly surprise and gladden me, but for me … Continue reading

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Beauty Ages

Beauty ages so The cultural rules apply We will not deny The face forms hollows The lines of age hold their sway On too soon a day Beauty ages all The finest flower in time Loses her sweet prime And … Continue reading

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Beauty is Beauty

Beauty is beauty Our hearts know this true Once you have seen it You always knew Loving is loving Perfect in care Once you have known it Always it’s there Beauty is beauty Truth is but truth Once you have … Continue reading

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Before the Decline

Nature is at its most beautiful The moment before the decay Flowers in full bloom Butterflies in flight Hovering over the precipice Of decline Similarly the lines of age Upon a face Begin to trace The trajectory of wisdom The … Continue reading

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