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True Diversity

So let’s embrace true diversity He said Xenophobia should not extend Beyond the stars And species are more varied Than our little world suggests When reaching to the universe We won’t find our own face Reflected back serene But something … Continue reading

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Purple World

Butterflies flying so free In their purple world A brief moment of life Too beautiful to last All that we may see Of their purple world Is the flapping wings That fade too fast A caterpillar may dream Of this … Continue reading

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She was regal A queen to all Blood running in her veins From centuries Was royal purple She was bitter At the fall The colour of her flag In battles held Was royal purple Still she was brave At the … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Moon

It has come too soon This cherry blossom moon Night-time air too sweet Falling at your feet A lover’s kiss too quick To touch your cheek Night-time revelry Dancing, you and me Jazz and white, white wine All our hopes … Continue reading

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Review: A Superior Spectre by Angela Meyer

Wow…… You know that feeling when you’ve read a book that’s so rich, so good, that you just know everything you are going to read for a while now is going to feel like fast food after fine cuisine? That’s … Continue reading

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I am rising, floating above it all Perfect symmetry I hear angels singing Saying I won’t fall Won’t fall I am flying, freer than a bird Arcing ‘cross the sky Whispering a secret Only I have heard Have heard I … Continue reading

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Late Afternoon

Late afternoon along the pier I found a wondrous silence here And everything became so clear This perfect moment In this perfect year Such luminous clarity was mine I felt the touch of the divine And in my hands a … Continue reading

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Accustomed to This Farce

With apologies to My Fair Lady… I’ve grown accustomed to this farce It almost makes the day begin I’ve grown accustomed to the lies From fake beguiling eyes The smears, the snark, the bite, the bark Are second nature to … Continue reading

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I need a holiday Somewhere far away Somewhere I’d never go Normally A beach with blazing sun Where I meet everyone Without pretense and so Informally I need to take a break To a world without mistakes The paper and … Continue reading

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Be A Storm

Be a storm in my life she begged I have lived too long In quiet solitude My shutters drawn Against the weather All its forms And so now I grow weary Of my comfort And I yearn For the storm … Continue reading

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