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Scavenging for Time

These days I find I’m scavenging for time lost, time gone And all the children running by don’t realise how soon it passes In such a rush I see them pace not even realising this time, this space Is nothing … Continue reading

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So long ago It seems another lifetime Another girl Not me But even so My heart knew something deep How to take flight Be free But only once I felt this deeply Like some wonder To behold So long ago … Continue reading

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This ring binds Golden latchkey The petals strewn Across this bed Have wilted over time This ring binds This ring clasps Withered fingers Age has leached All sense of reason Habit now is king This ring clasps This ring endures … Continue reading

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Heaviness of Air

He felt the heaviness of air Bearing down much more than gravity Elusive oppression stifling Upon his shoulders as a weight Waiting a moment on the stair Remembering light, a lover’s eyes So many years, a century As finer feelings … Continue reading

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My coffee is cold Winter creeps across my threshold With its stories and its laments I am quite wired but still so tired Growing old My coffee is cold Like the soul within I’ve sold With its memories and tragedies … Continue reading

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