Delusion – for Prompt 48 Escalating Humiliation

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For one moment to be right
To have felt something, anything
Warm in my direction
Not some sad and lost reflection
Of a prize that’s so forbidden
From my life

Did he smile and gaze my way
Feel some attraction, some real yearning
Something sensual and longing
So at last I am belonging
To a world of those who know love
In their life?

See I blush and call his name
Across the courtyard, cross my heart
But as he frowns and looks my way
I find I’ve nothing more to say
He’s looking past me for the one that
He might love

And they’re laughing and deriding
As he turns away, indifferent
Just a delusion swift retreating
Gives my heart another beating
Fool to believe that for one moment
I’d be loved

For it’s another that he’s craving
Not my plain, my simple being
Childish taunts are here returning
Into bitter memories they’re burning
How I’ll never find a lover
In this life

© Helen Valentina 2014, All Rights Reserved

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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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11 Responses to Delusion – for Prompt 48 Escalating Humiliation

  1. and haven’t most of us been there Helen. Rejection, unrequited love, such a sad place to be.

  2. This is agonizing and I have been there and there was a time I thought I’d stay there unlovable and undesirable.

    • Yes, and I think I essentially have stayed there, as prophesied my a childhood friend who was probably less than a friend and is obliquely referred to In this…but as I have aged I think it is just as much because I am essentially a lone wolf and perhaps she saw that, though she was neither wise nor kind.

      • She doesn’t sound much like a friend at all but I think we’ve all had people like that in our lives. If I hadn’t found Sam I’d be alone as well because I just don’t enter relationships not to be alone. I found someone I didn’t want to punch in the face after a few hours I knew then that I had stumbled onto something interesting. Maybe you will find the person you don’t want to punch in the face never settle for less than that. You are already complete beautiful, intelligent talented =)

  3. The embarrassment is clear Helen you have captured that very well. I enjoyed following this poem through. Well done.

  4. Mike says:

    Heartbreaking and highly dramatic Helen – the anguish echoes. Nice work.

  5. This is so heartbreaking…so beautifully written of the raw, hurtful feelings one feels under such situations.

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