Rome Construction Crew Update – Are You Curious?

Clowning around

Clowning around (Photo credit: lynnmwillis)

I’m juggling a couple of projects now, and it may very well mean I am completely barking mad.

The work on a YouTube type promo video for The Seed is continuing apace and will eventually be distributed in an email promotional campaign, and I still await the final parts of the global distribution for the novel to Nook and to Amazon POD.

And of course, for those that have been following my publishing journey, you know The Seed is a novel in the romance genre – albeit a dark and ambiguous romance. It’s intense, deeply introspective and troubled at its core – passion as belief and myth and hope and possibly delusion. It’s a novel in the element of Water, with a bit of Air thrown in for the dream sequences that drive the plot.

It’s probably not even a conventional romance, to be honest, but that still would be it’s overall genre. So the sensible thing would be to publish another romance next, to establish my place in that realm.

But I’m now also in the pre-publishing/ formatting stages for my next novel release. It will probably be out sometime in the next couple of months. And is it the next instalment in a career of a romance writer?

No, of course not! Because I write for all the elements, and as you know from my poetry, I don’t stick to one theme or even a few.

I like variety. So the next novel – ‘Curiosity’ – is a black comedy/satire. It is as light in its tone and cynicism as The Seed is heavy and sincere. It’s in the element of Air, with some Fire thrown in. It’s about a benign (possibly) sociopath, who becomes an unlikely hero in this modern media age. And there’s nothing romantic about it!

So – you tell me – am I mad? How easy will it be to market something so different so soon…or at any time really???

But how can a writer not write what the muse commands, and particularly one driven by all the elements, all the gods, all the guides in the ether above?

So – what I’m hoping is that people like comedy too, even from a normally more serious and emotional writer. I’m hoping, really hoping, you’ll answer ‘yes’ to the following question:

Are You Curious?

Any advice you have for traversing the road of multiple genres in the indie book market would be gladly received. Because it may really be that I’m bonkers.

But hey, that’s me and that’s my journey, so I hope some of you come along for the ride!!


Helen V

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16 Responses to Rome Construction Crew Update – Are You Curious?

  1. I think you will do fantastic and that sounds like an awesome book! I am awed by how organized you are, I know nothing about marketing (I actually hate selling things not donating I love donating but dislike selling so much that it is a disorder of some sort surely lol). You are amazing Helen strong and independent, passionate, intelligent and very very creative =)

  2. Solothefirst says:

    Yay I have heard a little about it and I simply cannot wait… I think it is a brilliant thing to do Helen. Good luck

  3. ksbeth says:

    sorry, i have no advice, never having made the foray into publishing. i’ll use my instincts though to tell you that your next project is quite possible, it’s all what you believe in, and i believe you are a natural talent. ) beth

  4. Don’t think there’s really a trick to writing in multiple genres. You just do it and promote each book accordingly.

  5. Good luck – and I will be first in line to get the new book

  6. sknicholls says:

    I am traveling down that same pathway, so, although I can offer you no advice, I can certainly assure you that you are not alone. We will do this together 🙂

  7. Skye says:

    I love being along for the ride!!! I pray every day that you are hugely successful in your journey. I do not think you are crazy at all. I am loving your book (told you…I am the slowest reader ever….I savor). It is brilliant though. My girlfriend has asked to read it next. I told her she has to go and buy it. See…totally supporting you!! Love you so much, Sis!!

    • Thanks so much Skye, it means a lot!! I struggle with whether it is too heavy to call a romance and I’ve had some feedback/reviews that tend to make me wonder that, but it is good to know that you are enjoying it and others have too, even if it is very heavy and dark. 🙂 Curiosity will be far lighter – some dark humour, but lighter in writing tone and style! 🙂

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