How can one know
when wariness
is required?

The paranoid
dances a fool’s parade,
boxing shadows

But over-confidence
precedes a fall
more frequently than pride

So how does one decide?

Deceit’s patterns arise
wearing the mask
of a friend

But sometimes shadows
loom too large
to reflect the truth

And fears of harm
may lead us where
we should not go

So how are we to know?

When words and deeds
suspicion blooms

But patterns seen
may prove to be
chimeras all

A smile or word
of kindness gives
a small reprieve

So what should we believe?

(c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

About Helen

I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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16 Responses to Suspicion

  1. Brian Hughes says:

    “I suspect everyone, and I suspect no-one.” (Inspector Clouseau.)

  2. My husband told me it was better to trust and get hurt than to suspect everyone and end up alone/miserable and probably not presenting yourself in a very good light, if you trust at least you will find trustworthy wonderful people and its lot more freeing

    • Very true…sometimes relationships and loyalties are complex though and it’s hard to know if you are seeing something clearly or being overly sensitive etc..or at least that’s what I find. 🙂

      • It is hard and being Depressed I know I am a bit predisposed to think the worst about myself so it sort of bleeds into my perception

      • I understand that. I suffer from depression from time to time, but thankfully not of the clinical level. But my work often shows me the less attractive side of human nature, and a lot of office politics, so that often pre-disposes me to suspician when it may not always be warranted. i agree we need to trust first, but sometimes something reminds you of former bad situations and it is hard not to project… 🙂

        By the way, not sure how to do the link thing for your fear prompt…do I write someting on my blog and do a link, or do I put my blog URL in the link format then write it there somehow?

        Sorry, I’m quite the internet/IT luddite….

      • Me too, write the post on your site, then click on Mister Linky and it will ask for information like your name and the link and then you just submit it, if you can’t get it give me the link and I can add it. What type of job do you have? I have seen such extremes of human nature very good and very bad so I am pretty mixed up! I try to just keep an open mind but I definitely listen to my gut, like at my old apartment a strange man started hitting on me even though I said I am married not interested he still asked me to go with him into the woods as if!

      • People can be strange sometimes. I work in human resources and on occasion have seen quite nasty sides to things, bullying and so forth at work. There are also a lot of great, lovely people too, but the dark side is quite dark really. Also my father was bullied mercilessly at work for years so I have a very personal hatred for bullies as a result…

      • I can understand that, bullies are very difficult to deal with and very demoralizing

      • They certainly are. I’ve done the Mr Linky connection for my ‘fear’ poem which I just posted…hope it all works, it seemed to connect to some other blog or link address that wasnt around anymore so Igot a bit confused…but then it seemed to register that it has linked back on your post on your post itself, so fingers crossed!! 🙂

      • I was able to access everything fine =)

  3. ksbeth says:

    believe in the kindness and trust the smile, unless they take a dark turn, then move from them as quickly as you can.

  4. jjspina says:

    Hi Helen,
    I love your poetry and thoughts! Very profound! I nominated you for an award on my blog at Congrats! I am a follower.

    • Thank you so much, for everything – the follow, the like, the nomination – you are very kind! I love your blog too and am proud to be your follower as well! 🙂

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