Rome Construction Crew – Update 2

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought it might be time for an update. I’m taking a few more steps in my novel publishing journey this week. I’ve linked up with and purchased a publishing package from them so I get some professional guidance in publishing my first novel, getting the cover design and formatting done and various other helpful support.

You know what I find? It’s still a bit confusing, but I’m taking it one step at a time, and that helps. But it’s also oddly frightening. I feel a bit likeΒ a child jumping at shadows in a darkened room. Kind of knowing there is nothing really there to be afraid of, but being afraid anyway. I can’t figure out if that is just because it’s all unknown, and complicated by so much business/marketing stuff I have to get my head around, or whether it’s the fear of taking works of this magnitude and personal importance to the public stage, or what…

Perhaps it’s the fear of not being successful – whatever that means in self publishing – but I actually don’t think my head has reached that far with its thinking yet (it may well get there eventually though…oh the joys of future fears once current ones are subdued!! πŸ™‚ ) So I think it’s some amorphous fear driven by the process itself, and probably its unfamiliarity.

Weird or normal? For my fellow writers and RCC members, do you feel this type of fear sometimes or is it just me?

The writing was fine, even getting it edited didn’t feel scary, so I’m not entirely sure what is causing the feeling. Maybe it’s just I feel such an amateur at all this business, and that makes me nervous. It’s been many, many years since I was an amateur in my workplace and career field, so perhaps this unfamiliar feeling is actually just that sense of being a novice again. I don’t know.

Again, I ask: Am I alone? Or do you feel it too?

Still, each step is a positive – it takes away one layer of slight, strange dread. Each question answered makes me feel more comfortable. Each part of the project coming to fruition helps.

It was exciting to talk to people from during the week – a call before work, at 5.30am my time when it isn’t even light, from America is kind of special, and really wakes you up. So, ever onward I guess…each step taken is a step away from the unknown and this strange, pervasive fear.Β  πŸ™‚


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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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37 Responses to Rome Construction Crew – Update 2

  1. Glynis says:

    Congrats….and much success!!!
    The fear is normal. I’ve heard too many of my friends tell me the same thing when they made their first step. I wish you all the best in this venture.

  2. greenembers says:

    Yes… I feel this way all the time. In my art, in my writing… it is scary. I am so glad you are pushing forward though. I have a good feeling about this and look forward to reading it. It is so exciting to be on the ground floor so to speak with all these up and coming writers! Oh, btw, did you want me to just use your About Me up there for the Crew Member page brief bio?

    • Thanks so much! And sure, feel free to use the About Me if it works for that, but if you’d prefer I write something more targetted let me know – Ill check out what others have done and try to make it more ‘fitting’ if you need. πŸ™‚

      • greenembers says:

        Yeah, go to my homepage, I have a sticky post with the details. Just fill that out when you have time. There should be a link to the members page too so you can see what the others did.

  3. Its definitely intimidating. Another way to look at it is that people go to school for years to learn everything that you need to do know about marketing a writer’s work…and self-published authors have to learn it all through research and peer support. Its daunting…but the best thing we can do is be confident in ourselves and our work, and do the best we can on the business end to make it match.

    • Thank you! Very wise counsel and great perspective! I’m struggling through working out things like international tax laws at the moment and tax is scary at the best of times, LOL…then there’s all the choices re how to market etc etc…it is intimidating!! So thanks for your support and comment, ii puts things into a better balance!! πŸ™‚

  4. Geo Sans says:

    in today’s turbulent times

    probably the best advice I ever heard


    learn to trust


    in yourself, other, the future


    learn to find


    in doubt


    good luck with everything

    I believe in you

  5. Aka Teraka says:

    Goodluck! Goodluck! Goodluck! πŸ™‚

  6. Brian Hughes says:

    I’ve got a few books published with Lulu. They’re good, professional and affordable. I never went with their ‘marketing packages’ though. I found the best way to sell was to order a few copies up front then go to the the local bookshops. They usually strike a deal of about twenty per cent of the cover price. It’s worth it though. People seem to prefer buying through bookshops than over the Internet. It’s something to do with having the book in their hands before they buy, I think.

    • Thank you – that’s really interesting advce. I’ll bear it in mind once I get to that part. I’m not using Lulu’s marketing this time as such, beyond getting an editorial review…I’m getting their help with the cover design, copyright protection, formatting and then publishing on their platform. They seem very helpful and its great to hear of other’s positive experience with them.

      It’s cool that they give you a few copies of the book as part of the package..if nothing else it will be so cool to hold the book in my hands in a ‘real’ form rather than just see it on my computer screen! πŸ™‚

  7. mrscarlielee says:

    Huge best of luck to you! So exciting to have a brand new adventure – enjoy it!

  8. Congrats and good luck. As for your question, yes. Every time I try to do something new with my book, I feel some fear. It’s closer to apprehension or simple nervousness. There’s a big unknown factor in self-publishing that can be scary when you start out.

    • Thanks Charles! It means alot that you have provided your perspective. I’ve been following your progress with much interest and your generosity in sharing your experience and learnings is so wonderful, and is definitely helping me in this journey. πŸ™‚

  9. Ambrozya says:

    For that fear, I go one step at a time. I finish the book. I celebrate the success. I finish editing. I celebrate. Finish the format and book cover. I celebrate. I live in a perpetual state of accomplishment. The next success, publishing the book. I will celebrate. And then, I might celebrate the first buyer (even if it’s my best friend!!!)
    Fear is the idea of what might happen, based on past experiences that left us with feelings of rejection, not being good enough,etc., you get the picture. Acknowledge the fear, but don’t let it take over. Keep on playing and moving forward.
    And who says you’re an amateur? Based on what? How it should or supposed to look?
    You wrote a book!!
    Mastery in the craft is something else and that comes with time.
    Be confident, be yourself, be great! Be BOLD!
    With great respect! A.

  10. I feel that fear each time I sit down to write. Then I get past it, then it seeps back in. It’s like a dance.

  11. ioniamartin says:

    Definitely You are not alone. Taking on any new adventure in life is frightening, and once you release your work to the world you no longer have absolute power over what it does and how others respond. You are amazing and I have every faith in you. I can’t wait to read the novel!

    • Thank you so much, that means alot!! πŸ™‚ I’m glad to know I’m not alone…it feels odd to be scared of something you also want very much…but it’s a process, and one step at a time… πŸ™‚

  12. Praying for you, Helen, as you step out. I cannot wait to read your novel!!! I know it will be wonderful!!

  13. One step at a time. They may feel like giant steps into a black hole, but you are moving forward…and that’s great. You will learn from the process and grow. Good luck

  14. Kira says:

    I think it’s natural to feel the fear about the publishing. Your book is going to do so well I think that fear will disappear immediately! I look forward to hearing how smoothly things go for you as you go through the publishing process!

  15. I wish you much good luck on this venture. When I self published, I had no illusions of great success. I only wanted people to read my work. That is the reward. That is every writer’s reward. We in the writing community all wish you success and happiness!

    • Thank you – I agree re the point about not being mega success..I don’t expect that either, but you do hope for a small readership that like the work. I think my fear is more about the process of getting there and whether I’ll inadvertently stuff anything up on the way, LOL! thanks so much for your kind comments and support! πŸ™‚

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