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Royal Hue

Royal hue On her upturned face Open grace Purple fire The whim of desire Sacred space In the stars Hear the choir Sing to you Splendour here This now perfect year’s Royal hue (c) Helen Valentina 2020

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She was regal A queen to all Blood running in her veins From centuries Was royal purple She was bitter At the fall The colour of her flag In battles held Was royal purple Still she was brave At the … Continue reading

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To Wear The Crown

Sweet thing so worthy To wear the crown And bear the sorrow That power brings You are here chosen From all around To witness tomorrows Where heaven sings And all your pains And all your pains Are offered up As … Continue reading

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Once we were royal Our wings unfurled we flew Together All we ever knew Bloodline testament Glory of the skies Together Together we would fly Now we are hidden Wings tethered, broken hues Separated Nothing we could do World ever … Continue reading

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Royal Road

  This royal road Purple strewn Magenta majesty All seekers find This path Repentant fall Before the tree of life And weep For days and deeds Stolen by time Never to be undone This royal road Bloodline calls A siren … Continue reading

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