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Life passage

Glimpses of our mortality come too often these days Aching joints and muscles betray the youth we still feel sheltered here inside It is sobering this knowledge of the inevitability of decay All these little ambitions at our feet amount … Continue reading

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On My Own

I live alone I’m on my own A sentinel To all I’ve known You cannot reach And cannot teach I’m flotsam lost Upon a beach A citadel Or none at all My kingdom rises Slowly falls I live alone I’m … Continue reading

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Soul Birth

Screaming Crying a battle sound emerging from the ether Hurtling down the soul on fire eclipses all desire Essential self emerging from the All In what cauldron was this creature formed? In pitiless need driven and born? A battle cry … Continue reading

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Lonely Goal

Just one drop within the sea Merge with All so endlessly Mermaids whisper, return to me Return to me Just one star within the sky Multi faceted pinpoint eye Gone already, it’s just a lie Just a lie Just one … Continue reading

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Energy focussed on individuality Crystal precision cuts through glass Leaving no trace of rank normalcy Even the perfect lost to the past Curious imperfections maketh the man Time and again it’s the flaw we love Inspired by thoughts beyond normal … Continue reading

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