Modern World

Image credit: igor.stevanovic

Image credit: igor.stevanovic

This is the modern
Stairway to heaven
An escalator built
For a comfort ride
And on either side
Are categories of purchases
Commodities are now
Trinkets to enlightenment
Because we have no navigation
For any other
Upward rise

Who said that you can’t
Take it with you
When you go?
Custom carriage baggage
Is supplied
And the child
Who reaches the top
With the most toys
Wins here just the same
Nowadays even
The angels know
This is the only
Possible game

(c) Helen Valentina 2015 All Rights Reserved

About Helen

I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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2 Responses to Modern World

  1. Enjoyed this. Seems the child with the most toys winning is no different than here on Earth.

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