Big and Bigger Changes


Reasons to be (not so) Cheerful

I haven’t been around much of late, which is only partly my crazy busy job. Because I’m about to leave said crazy, busy job and move inter-state for a bit of a sea change. What that means is leaving a crazy busy job, certainly, but also a new  job hunt in the new locale is required, which is never fun. I have some potential options but no idea whether any will work out or what time it will take to find work, so there will be a period of free floating anxiety for me fairly soon I think.

But prior to free floating anxiety is actual, full on anxiety due to the fun, fun, fun thing of moving. So I’m surrounding myself with packing boxes and trying to sort though and cull the mess I’ve hoarded over three years,and trying not to damage my problem back in the process.  Then it’s removalists, then it’s…yes..between now and mid December I’ll be around WordPress even less I think as I gradually narrow my life down to moving, moving, moving…

Reasons to be Cheerful

On the other hand, I’ve had some wonderful luck. In contacting my previous landlord from the city I’m returning to (Sydney) to get him to be a referee for rental  house hunting, he had something available right now for me to rent, and it’s perfect!! And given he’s the most wonderful landlord ever I feel amazingly blessed. It takes away the anxiety of house hunting which is considerable in and of itself, and the place he has available is gorgeous so I am feeling very positive about the final outcome of the big relocation – no matter how stressful it is in transition.

Also, the time I will have job hunting -particularly if it takes a month of two – will give me lots of spare time for my writing. Over the past year I’ve written a trilogy of horror novels and my editor thinks they are my best writing yet and might gain the interest of traditional publishers. So with her encouragement I’m going to do the rather full on exercise of seeing if I can get an agent and a publisher for them.

It will either be successful or not, but this time period allows me to give it an intensive try so even if it doesn’t bear fruit I won’t be wondering in my old age what might have happened if I really gave it a go…

So on balance, more things to be cheerful about than not, but please bear with me with my increasing absence. I’ve got poems scheduled through to the new year every three days or so and I’ll try to keep up with prompts when I can, so it may seem I’m here more than I am.  But I might fall further behind on reading other blogs(please forgive me if I do).  Still, after about mid December I should be settled and back with bells on!!


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11 Responses to Big and Bigger Changes

  1. Good luck with the move, settling in, and the job hunting 🙂
    BTW even if you go the Big Publishing House route, send me details of your books when they become available and I’ll still promo them 😀

  2. Good luck with the sea change Helen, sounds exciting what lies ahead in all areas. 😀

  3. philipparees says:

    All sounds pretty positive Helen. Very best of luck with hunting for a sane way to pay the bills! Great about the landlord!

    • Thanks Philippa – yes, writing for a living would be great though I suspect at most I’ll only ever make a smaller stream of income that might help me in retirement(if that, given that would depend on getting traditionally published, which we all know is no simple matter!!)! And yes, the landlord thing was incredibly lucky – still can’t believe it actually!! 🙂

  4. GOOD LUCK, Helen, whatever you do..and take the best care

  5. I am so happy about the housing situation! If it isn’t to invasive I would love to see pictures. I am in a similar situation I will also be moving in December so I feel your anxiety on that front. Moving is exhausting. Goodluck on finding a job I hate everything about that process. And good luck getting published you have the talent Helen and pretty soon I will be able to say I know a famous person XD I can’t wait to read your trilogy!

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