Love Song for The Demon – for Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust

Red Dragon by William Blake, image credit:

Red Dragon by William Blake, image credit:

Sing me your songs of sheer electricity
Set ablaze my synapses
And scorch earth right through of me
Tenderness lacking, the soul in full flight
Can feel no emotion
Just need in the night

My eyes shatter light in an open awakening
Transfiguring my heart
In the tumult, earth-shakingly
Grasping my hands and I’m led down this path
That has no true beginning
And no aftermath

Just let me bleed, as your need will intoxicate
I’m drunken on spirit fire
As you ravage, excoriate
Bend to your will without reason or choice
As my soul is thus damned
By the sound of your voice

(c) Helen Valentina 2014, All Rights Reserved

A very dark poem I know, but for a wonderfully dark theme and prompt at mindlovemisery:

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20 Responses to Love Song for The Demon – for Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust

  1. I enjoy the dark Helen and this –
    Can feel no emotion
    Just need in the night
    this brought it home for me.

  2. Deliciously dark Helen I just love that closing stanza, you nailed it!

  3. You capture dark very well Helen. i like the idea of being ‘drunken on spirit fire’. Well done.

  4. Angela says:

    Love the words you use in this piece, Helen; they lend themselves to the atmospheric emotion you create really well.

  5. Definitely dark, but really powerful. Even without knowing a demon is the subject, it sounds rather messy.

  6. It would be totally cool to be listening to the radio one day, and suddenly hear this poem in the form of a song. 🙂 Even cooler if you could see people’s reactions…

  7. VOID RPG says:

    I love your dark writings, Helen!

  8. SSMatthews says:

    Gather the nerve to look beyond the veil and there awaits. not the fear with left behind, but the essence we seek! Nice writing Helen

  9. Very dark, indeed. That closing stanza is killer.

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