Curiosity is now available on Apple iStore!!!

See Curiosity Page above for more  details

See Curiosity Page above for more details


Curiosity is now on its global distribution journey courtesy of and is now available on iStore – as well as in ebook or paperback on, and as an ebook on Kindle.

If iStore is your thing and you are keen to read Curiosity, then the link to the iStore version is:

To celebrate I’m writing another Proof That the World Has Ended. For those unfamiliar with these proofs, the main character in the black comedy Curiosity, a young man named Peter, believes the world ended many years ago and nobody noticed. He writes a series of proofs in his journal, and these are highlighted in the novel.

But since publishing I’ve been adding to the proofs (and putting them together in the chronicle page on the banner above) and I encourage my fellow bloggers to also write their own and link to this if they also notice – once they think about it – that there is a lot of odd stuff in the world these days that might…just might…mean the world has ended….

Proof That The World Has Ended: The Weather

Anyone who realises the world has already ended will in no way be dismayed by the odd weather the world is experiencing at the moment. The oddness, of course, runs from the strange but banal through to the truly horrific and tragic. But it all has one thing in common – it wouldn’t be what you would predict would happen given the usual seasonal changes etc we’ve been taught to expect.

Scientists arguing over climate change, global warming and so forth have clearly missed the point. We aren’t experiencing this because of human choices, we are experiencing it because there is no real world anymore, no linear time and no logic to anything.

Just this past week every day where I live has had the proverbial ‘four seasons in one day’ – in the middle of late Spring, leading to Summer in my part of the world, every few days here are arctic winter. Because the seasons don’t exist anymore – how can they in a non-existent world?

So stop worrying about greenhouse gases etc – whether they do damage to the fabric of the non-existent  world or not is not the point – there is no world and the weather is a perfect proof of that. Stop looking for logical, scientific reasons for it all. There is no science, or logic for that matter, anymore.

‘Haven’t we been having odd weather lately?’ we might say, to which I’d say, ‘How can you tell if it’s odd?’


Storm (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)







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  2. douryeh says:

    Congratulations, @D

  3. Solothefirst says:

    Seriously why haven’t you bought this yet?

  4. Yay on your book! I will be purchasing it once I’d finished reading The Seed and uhm Sam gets paid lol I am sorry I am such a slow reader but my visual problems don’t allow me to read for extended periods if I read till I can’t see anymore like I used to it takes week to recover. I love your proofs and I am really interested in this book! Maybe you should do audio books haha

    • Thanks so much, and thanks for doing your wonderful proof – I’ve put it on the Chronicle page with a link back to your blog. 🙂 And take your time with reading my books – I’m just grateful you are reading them at all!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!! 🙂 I am so happy for you!!!

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