Curiosity is now on Amazon Kindle!!!!



Another exciting step in Curiosity’s publishing journey – the novel is now also available on Amazon Kindle!! The link is:

Over the next month or two it will also be available on Nook, iStore and POD on Amazon too – I’ll update as that occurs. 🙂

For those that have been following Curiosity’s publishing adventure you’ll know a few things. As a book Curiosity is a bit of a self-confident brat. It’s light, even though its satirical humor is dark, and it is confident in the face of its own inherently nihilistic philosophy.

Because at its core is the protagonist Peter, who believes the world ended a number of years ago and nobody noticed, leaving us only with meaninglessness and pointlessness in a rapidly de-constructing universe.

Peter keeps a journal with a series of proofs for his thesis, and as I’ve mentioned before, as part of blogging promotions for the novel,I’m going to post a few more proofs – not ones from the book – and I encourage you again to join in if – as you look around you- you find that you, too can see the proofs of the non-existent world all around you once you start looking!! 😉

Proof That the World Has Ended: Skincare

beauty ~ only skin deep?

beauty ~ only skin deep? (Photo credit: sunshinecity)

This is a lovely example of the end of the world wrapped up in a very appealing recipe to feed our vanity and make us feel good about ourselves.

Back  when the world existed, real skin care largely consisted of moisturising the outer layers of the skin, keeping the skin clean and giving a bit of a faux glow (usually requiring make up as well).  Skincare manufacturers recognised and were limited by the skin’s major function.  This, despite most modern media advertising, isn’t to be a thing of beauty and a joy forever.  It is actually to keep things OUT of our body. Skin is a cover, a barrier, to protect our insides from damage and disease.

The fact that our skeletal composition and facial expressions tended to create lines over time was accepted. Short of ‘plastic surgery’ (which may in fact be another variant of this proof- like an early distant warning of the world’s demise or a marker for when it actually occurred) you basically got more lines as you got older because that was the natural outcome of aging in the linear, existing world.

But now in the non-existent world, where time and age themselves are not to be relied upon in any manner, we suddenly have things called peptides which apparently do get in the skin, and they somehow kick the aging molecules’ butts and we find lines disappear or reverse and youth is retained, at least in appearance.

So much for the skin being a barrier then!! But it’s a trick, and one I suspect realised and exploited by those in the cosmetics industry who have recognised the world has ended so aging itself won’t occur as rapidly or reliably.

But there’s no money in admitting your facial age may reverse for no particular reason, so it’s better to package these miracle peptides in cosmetic offerings and say you can reverse time, reverse age. we now have the technology…….

Rubbish!!  You can’t reverse something that no longer meaningfully exists. But you can pretend that’s why people are looking younger than their generational age these days.

And there’s money to be made in that…so many ways the non-existent world can now be put to profitable use. It’s all a trick, but don’t despair. We’ll all be far prettier, far longer even if it is all a con…


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  1. didoisux says:

    Hey Helena congratulations!! :)) I am so happy for you! I am getting this 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the second book being published Helen 😀

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    Helen Valentia’s second novel, “Curiosity”, is now available on Kindle!

  5. Congratulations! 🙂

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    Check it out!!! 😀

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    Yay! Congrats Helen! I’ve got the hardcopy…. Gotta get the ebook now.

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    Get it now

  9. Skye says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! xxxx 🙂 So excited for you!!!

  10. feltenk says:

    Congrats! I’ll mention your book on today’s blog post 🙂

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