Hunger Part 2

Gnawing need
Beyond our choice
Sweet desire
Finds its voice
Given nourishment
We rejoice
Craving, hunger
Beyond our choice

Stomach tightens
Dragging need
Isn’t gluttony
Or even greed
From this hell we
Must be freed
Grasping hunger
Dragging need

© Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

About helenvalentina

Like most people, I have a number of sides to me. The most interesting one probably emerges through my writing, hence this blog. I love to read, and also to write, and so this is a way to share both.
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8 Responses to Hunger Part 2

  1. Brian Hughes says:

    I had that problem last time I ate vindaloo.

  2. Hector says:

    You have such a way with words! I envy you (not really, but felt right to say it) 🙂

  3. ioniamartin says:

    I really like the tone of these poems.

  4. Do you ever find that more people Like Part 2 than Part 1? Just curious if this happens with anyone else. 🙂

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