If My Novel Was a Movie….my Dream Cast For The Seed

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So my friend solothefirst had a wonderful idea. I was talking with her recently about how I thought a particular actor we both love would make a fabulous Robert – a key protagonist character – in The Seed, and she suggested I write a post about my dream cast for a movie of the novel.

So that’s what this is – and it’s my dream cast, meaning getting amazingly successful, famous actors for some small roles, so completely unrealistic I realise, but it’s my dream, so hey, dream big!!

I’ll go through the main and key support characters for the novel and who I’d love to cast if I could, and for any of you who read the novel I’d love your feedback about whether you agree or if you think of someone you think would be better….. BUT…the casting of Robert is a non-negotiable, LOL!!  So here goes:

Sara: Sara is the main character of the novel. She is the artist who dreams the dreams of a possible former life, then paints them, only to discover the potential other half of the dream in Robert. She is a deeply passionate and intelligent character, but one that does not realise how attractive and special she is. The part needs a strong actress with unconventional beauty – someone you could believe under-estimates her own appeal, but has it in spades nonetheless. I couldn’t think of anyone till a friend suggested Anna Paquin, and then this was so perfect I couldn’t see anyone else in the role. Anna is amazing, beautiful in a quirky way, and so emotionally rich in her work. A dream Sara for the dreamer that is Sara indeed!

English: New Zealand actress Anna Paquin.
English: New Zealand actress Anna Paquin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Robert: So this is the non-negotiable inspiration for this post. Robert is a journalist of keen intelligence and deep, brooding passions and needs. He is described as having a wiry, wild masculinity. I wrote the first draft of the novel fifteen years ago, long before my dream actor for the role was on the scene, but now it is as though it was written for him, like a prescience. Anyone familiar with my rant on the cancellation of Leverage (posted January this year) will not be surprised to hear my perfect Robert is the wonderful Christian Kane.

Kane Smile
Kane Smile (Photo credit: Unknown Fangirl)





Karen: Karen is Robert’s wife, a clever and classically beautiful woman who has been confident and assured all her life. My favourite actress at the moment is Natalie Dormer – ever since her wonderful portrayal of Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, and her ice queen role in Elementary. She has the perfect beauty and quiet depth required of the role, and while it is probably too small a role to ever dream she’d actually play it, I can think of no-one more perfect for the part.

Natalie Dormer at HBO's "Game Of Thrones&...
Natalie Dormer at HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” Season 3 Seattle Premiere at Cinerama (Photo credit: spratt504)




Henry: Henry is an art dealer who mentors and promotes Sara and her work. He is a man described as being timeless, almost belonging to an earlier age, and needs to be sensitive, intelligent, perceptive and ultimately kind. I love the actor Tom Hollander and can see him so clearly in this role as I think even in roles he does that are darker there is still this essential gentleness in his wonderful work.

English: English actor Tom Hollander.
English: English actor Tom Hollander. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Sara’s parents: here’s a case of dreaming big – I’d love William Hurt for the father – a stoic, quiet, deeply supportive man and Judi Dench for the mother – a woman of precise tastes but deep caring under a cooler exterior. I, like most of the world, think they are both brilliant!

William Hurt signing autographs at the 2005 To...
William Hurt signing autographs at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival while promoting History of Violence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Judi Dench at the BAFTAs at the Royal Opera Ho...

Judi Dench at the BAFTAs at the Royal Opera House in London. Français : Judi Dench photographiée lors de la soirée des British Academy Film Awards dans le Royal Opera House à Londres. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Peggy: Sara’s sister is more confident than Sara because she is more conventionally pretty. She is a red haired, beautiful young woman. As a bit of a Dr Who tragic, I couldn’t think past Karen Gillan. She has the poise and beauty essential to the part.

English: Karen Gillan at the 2011 Comic Con in...
English: Karen Gillan at the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Susan: Sara’s best friend needs a quiet, steady intelligence and a warmth that is perhaps just slightly stern. The first actress that came to mind for this is Carey Mulligan, probably again just because I like her work and think she would be fabulous…another case of dreaming a bit too big for a small, but important role.

English: Carey Mulligan during Q&A following t...
English: Carey Mulligan during Q&A following the screening of An Education at the Ryerson Theatre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





And last but not least, there is Rebecca, the herbalist: I’m thinking Willa Holland here as I just like her work and think she has the edge and attitude that would work wonders in this small but pivotal role.

Willa Holland
Willa Holland (Photo credit: keithlam)






So that’s my dream cast….would love other suggestions from anyone who reads the novel. It’s fun to imagine your work on the big screen, even if that is an unlikely eventuality. Dream big, dream big, and never forget to dream….. 🙂

Cheers  Helen V.

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36 Responses to If My Novel Was a Movie….my Dream Cast For The Seed

  1. Perfect cast!!!! Totally want to be an extra!!!!! 🙂

  2. sknicholls says:

    This is so very cool. I am going to steal your idea and try to find actors and actresses to star in my book/movie. Now i not only want to read your book, but I want to see your movie!!

  3. Big thumbs on Christian Kane.

  4. Brian Hughes says:

    Not Peter Capaldi then? Perhaps as well, ‘cos he’s a bit booked up at the moment.

    • LOL, no, though he is a fine actor indeed. But if I was to pick a male actor from the DR Who dynasty it would have to be the wonderful David Tennant of course…just don’t think he’s the right choice for characters in this particular novel.. 🙂

  5. reocochran says:

    I love a lot of who you named, especially Judi Dench and William Hurt. The younger cast, Carey M. and Anna Q. are excellent actresses. Hope you get your wish and so fun to dream up the cast!

  6. ioniamartin says:

    Was this such a fun post to do? I bet it was. It was fun to read. Dreaming right along with you, my friend.

  7. Wishing you all the luck .Great cast for a new movie.Dreams can come true.Thank you for liking my post Theocracy ;;Best regards.jalal

  8. Solothefirst says:

    Oh my goodness… Yes indeed….. I definitely want to see Christian Kane as Robert…. Mmmmm the others are tricky but I think your options are simply brilliant…. Mmmmm yes you will need to find one of your novels for David Tennant too! Nice….. Well I will certainly see this movie… Hahahaah need an assistant on set? Muahahaha 🙂

  9. This is fabulous =) I especially love Anna Paquin and the parents. I am not familiar with all the actors though but I am sure if I were I would love them. I know where have I been but my 5 year old dominates what we watch so know I only know children’s movies and cartoons lol For my Cherokee language class we did a family tree a fake one and I remember Alan Rickman was my uncle because I love Alan Rickman he is awesome!!! Christopher Walken was my dad cause that would be amazing.

  10. This is awesome! And congratulations on your book! I’m so sorry, but I didn’t even realize it was published! I’m a bit behind. 😦
    But it is now on my to-read list!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. I like the way you dream. And I like the BIGness of your dreams. Must have been FUN to put the blog post together, eh?

  12. Cubby says:

    Excellent cast. Very well thought out. I wonder if a cat can sneak in somewhere…

  13. Fabulous dream cast 🙂

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