Forget Her – For Prompt 14 – The Music of Jeff Buckley


Firecrackers (Photo credit: sarub)

The debris of these many years
alights your mind like a firecracker
out of season; a chance sighting
on the street of similar hair,
a similar walk and memories flooded back
A dam unstuck, overwhelming
And you thought you could
forget her

Had you not strung your life up
with new adventures, new family and friends
like lights upon a Christmas tree?
And had you not written and re-written
songs and poetry and prose, the
narrative of the past, in blood
on virgin sheets, to re-tell the sordid truth
and all you did, and what she evaded?
All these things just to forget her?

The past is not a shadow, not
a lurking figure skulking in the background,
not a drinker maudlin way past closing time
It is the shape of the future, just as surely
as the shape of her white, white hand
held out as though to wave goodbye, cuts across
all memories and crystallizes the moment
you decided, if you did nothing else
in life, achieved no other aims, you would do this:
You would forget her

But it’s pointless, like the lyrics
to a song that made you weep once
and now only draws the slightest sigh,
time withers all; it lulls you, passed remembering,
till even the urgency of the need, the desire,
the sheer requirement to be disciplined, fails you
and you can no longer forget her

So feel it tumble back, your defences
stripped bare; transcendence is gone now
It’s all in the pit of lost choice
and odd, fractured denial; that one moment
she reached out, and you turned away,
snarling, lost in pain too deep
So you know, it’s all back, back with you
and as long as you live, you will never be free
and you will never, you will never
forget her.

(c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

For mindlovemisery’s prompt to be inspired by selected songs of Jeff Buckley – I chose his song Forget Her but my poem has a different,  ambiguous slant to it about who might be the darker party involved.  🙂

See mindlovemisery’s wonderful poetry at

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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.
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25 Responses to Forget Her – For Prompt 14 – The Music of Jeff Buckley

  1. Oh this is gorgeous Helen! I love it the despair, the hopelessness, the agony it is divine =)

  2. adz25 says:

    Hellen —“killer ” u nailed it ..

  3. howanxious says:

    That is some superb writing with emotions etched within every word. 🙂

  4. Brian Hughes says:

    Who were we talking about here again? I’ve forgotten now…

  5. gs batty says:

    lost love always haunts the heart…no matter how it ended…knowing that someone you loved will never be touched again can be very haunting…

  6. Superb take on the prompt, definitely an amazing poem, wow!

  7. haunting memories
    septic images passed time
    weeping forget-me-nots.
    copyright 2013 by Ron Kule, Poet. Reserved.

  8. Noora says:

    L-O-V-E the way you write, Helen.

  9. Elia Bintang says:

    You and your previous poems are the reason I’m here. The fact that you chose the same song as I did makes me smile. The poem itself makes me want to say: it’s amazing. 🙂

  10. Dark depiction of denial and despair… wonderful.

  11. Profound melancholy in this…So many times I have had a song take me back to love lost or gained…Beautiful piece.

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