Dreams For Sale

English: for sale sign

English: for sale sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreams for sale
Man at the doorway
Peddling hope

To beat the odds now
Try to cope

Dreams for rent
Going cheap these days
This can’t last

Grab it quick
Only one user
From the past

Dreams to trade
Give us your soul now
There’s no need

To hold tight
When you’re already
Lost to greed

(c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

About helenvalentina

Like most people, I have a number of sides to me. The most interesting one probably emerges through my writing, hence this blog. I love to read, and also to write, and so this is a way to share both.
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9 Responses to Dreams For Sale

  1. I keep thinking there’s a movie or book out there about selling dreams. Maybe this poem is reminding me of Inception.

  2. Brian Hughes says:

    I always slam the door on cold callers. Occasionally they stick their foot in the door jamb deliberately, so I always make sure to slam it extra hard.

  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    Indeed true.
    Like x 2.

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