My Absolute Fragile Essence on Kindle

Estella is a sublime poet. She writes with a totally unique style and a razor sharp view of the world, laced with humor and warmth. I’ve ordered this book via Amazon in its printed form and am eagerly waiting its delivery, and now you can also get it on Kindle! I agree with Charles that the news of this work should be spread so that many, many more can enjoy the wonderful poetry of Estella!

Legends of Windemere

On April 15th, I made a post about Estella Aguilar (formerly rawencounterswithestella) putting out a paperback collection of her poetry.  Well, she just released it as a .99 cent eBook on Amazon Kindle.  Please give her poems a read and review and spread the word to help a fellow self-published author.  Click on the cover picture to go the Amazon page:

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7 Responses to My Absolute Fragile Essence on Kindle

  1. Eric Kovach says:

    Your description of Estella is spot on. I already have a copy of this book and I’m doing each poem out to myself slowly so the experience lasts. She truly is a great talent.

    Thank you and Charles for spreading the word.

    • Eric Kovach says:

      ugh. doling, not doing.
      Excitement typo.

    • You’re welcome, and I totally agree. I’ve got my fingers crossed the book arrivs this week…takes a while to get to Australia!! Her writing is very special. I always thought she could be a famous poet one day if she continus to pursue it. 🙂

      • Eric Kovach says:

        I agree. Her style is so fresh and intriguing. She could be one of the great poets of the age. (you could too BTW)

      • Wow..that is so kind, and means so much, particularly coming from a poet of your calibre!! I see both you and her in the same sort of level/category and I don’t see myself as being in that league, but it is very kind of you to be so generous. 🙂

  2. ksbeth says:

    i will order this and cannot wait to read it! )

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