Life needs a little…Leverage

So, I understand ranting is acceptable on a blog, and in the interests of experimenting with different types of posts, plus to get something off my chest – quite frankly – I thought, why not?

Yesterday I was talking with my best friend about something we are both lamenting – the cancellation of the television show Leverage.

For those unfamiliar with this fantastic series (and I suggest you do yourself a favour and familiarise yourselves 🙂 ) it pits the considerable brains, skills and muscle of five supposed ‘bad guys’ – a grifter, a hacker, a thief, a muscleman and ‘the man with the plan’ against the wide array of corporate, political and other malfeasance on offer in this big, bad world of ours. A bit like the british TV series Hustle, but better, in my humble opinion. With amazing wit, dexterity and complex planning they won one for the little guy, week after week, which was deeply satisfying on a philosophical, spiritual level and also just sheer entertainment.

Now I have to admit that part of the appeal for me is watching Christian Kane flex his highly impressive musculature, so I am shallow. But he flexes those muscles in a righteous manner, for honour, and to protect the innocent – goddamnit!!! – so it isn’t that shallow…

Hhhmm…well… moving right along now…..

Anyway, it was one of the most clever programs on TV for ages, and its loss is just not acceptable. How do these TV executives make their decisions? By throwing darts? By applying an inverse proportional algorithm to decisions – the more accomplshed the show the less likely they are to keep it on air? I know they have done five seasons, but come on! They give far more to those formulaic police procedurals where the only difference from one to the other is the cast (I exclude Castle from this with the excellent Nathan Fillion as that is also very clever…and yes, that is probably another sign of my shallowdom, he is very handsome too….)

But seriously, there was something more to Leverage – not just its cleverness, but its heart. In a world where the average person is a hostage to the decisons of the rich and powerful, it was just glorious each week to see them outsmarted. It filled a deep, inner need for justice and balance. It made one feel good. And I know it doesn’t reflect life really, but wouldn’t it be great if it did, and in any case, that’s what entertainment is for, to lift us out of ourselves for a moment or two. Surely.

I don’t want reality TV – I have enough reality in my day to day life, thank you very much. Give me somthing creative, something more, for godsake!!!

Losing a great TV show is rather like coming to the end of a truly great novel, surveying your bookshelves and knowing nothing, nothing, nothing is going to come close in your novel world for quite some time. It is a sheer sense of loss and disappointment before you even start another book.

I most recently felt that having voraciously read my way through all the Jeff Lindsay Dexter novels. I came to them via the show (another great one, by the way) but the books are even better. Slyly, wickedly funny – how many times in your life will you laugh out loud to the musings of a serial killer? Yes, I know how that sounds, but the writing is that good.

But at least in the case of the Dexter novels I can hope some more will be produced. Not so Leverage, it seems, unless the rumours of a movie come to fruition (but given they have those rumours about most cancelled TV series I won’t hold my breath).

I want to see bad guys taken down by cleverer good guys! I want to see the little guy triumph through the help of interesting, multi-layered and somewhat flawed but still great ‘guardian angels’! I want to see something that makes me laugh, and think, and even cry! I want my life to have some…Leverage.

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64 Responses to Life needs a little…Leverage

  1. annieb222 says:

    Absolutely!!!!! We need a petition! We need a movement!! We need a goddamn revolution!!! no wait….you already said it…we need some LEVERAGE!!!!

    • mentdijinn says:

      Very nice.. totally agree.. WE NEED MORE LEVERAGE!! there are twittion petition’s out there for #Leverage and check out “Leverage: Let’s Go Steal A Season 6” facebook page we are trying to help..find a new home for LEVERAGE!!

  2. Nema Veze says:

    You do know about three Leverage novels, right? The Con Job, The Zoo Job, and one more. Check it.

  3. Angela Lain says:

    You reflect exactly how it makes me feel! I keep telling myself its stupid to feel that way about a TV show! But I feel like something is missing. i’m totally addicted to Christian Kane in particular, I now follow them all on twitter etc, I’ve ordered the books I’ve got the DVDs, or the ones they will let us have at least, and now I’m doing my own version of a Leverage book. It will be a long time before something better comes around.

  4. Ellen Zarnick says:

    Great article! Yes, we need more Leverage….There is one Leverage book currently in print, The Con Job by Matt Forbeck. It’s wonderful by the by..with two more coming VERY soon. It may not be TV but it’s the Leverageverse and I welcome them…Hoping against hope for a season 6 somewhere…

  5. Carol Lee says:

    Thank you so much for your article. It really explains how the fans feel about this unique show that was cancelled. Leverage gave us hope that good can overcome evil in this crazy world we live in. The team had great chemistry together and we love our they communicated with the fans.

  6. My husband and I were victims of a faceless corporation, and so many times I wished the Leverage team was real so I could watch this corporation get taken down. Watching Leverage made me feel vindicated, especially when greedy CEOs got what they deserved. But now it’s done, and I’m so bummed. Where is the justice?

    Oh, and Christian Kane, *drool* Hottest badass on the planet.

    • Thanks Amelia – sad to hear you suffered at the hands of the RBI (Rich Bastards Incorporated). Have to hope for karma to catch up with them.

      And yes, Christian Kane…I soooooo agree with your description!! 🙂

  7. Roberta says:

    thank you for saying everything I wanted to but couldn’t!

  8. Ethel Henry says:

    So tatally agree! I am sick of reality shows that have NOTHING to do with my reality. What I need is a bit more…Leverage!

  9. jksword says:

    I absolutely agree with you. Leverage is my family’s favorite show. It is the only one we planned our day/week around. I do not want to see more reality shows. The cast and crew of Leverage are amazing. I hope a smart network will give the show and the fans another chance. I want to continue seeing my favorite team on my TV every week ~ Christian Kane,Timothy Hutton, Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman, and Aldis Hodge.

  10. Kay Lohman says:

    Yes we need a whole lot more Leverage. Please let me know what I can do to help satisfy a whole lot of Leverage fans.

    • I’m no expert on how to revive a cancelled tv program I’m afraid, but I thoroughly endorse your enthusiasm!!

      One of the comments above has some great tips about what is being done in Twitter and facebook re this – worth checking out I think. 🙂

  11. Eric Kovach says:

    Ugh This is the first I’ve heard of Leverage being cancelled. I will miss Parker so much. I hate it with good shows get cancelled.It actually says a lot about the TV viewing public when shows Like the Bachelor can succeed for so long and they cancel excellent, intelligent, witty well-written shows like Terriers or Firefly after only one season. I’m sad for the human race.

  12. I felt like i hadn’t been watching it for long enough. If you love television, check out my blog, though I don’t talk about all the shows I watch, a lot of my writing comes from it.

  13. Solothefirst says:

    Reblogged this on Rambles, writing and amusing musings and commented:
    I love this piece! and seriously bring back Leverage!

  14. Muzzy says:

    G’day Helen,
    Dropping in to thank you for your visit and kind words, and fined a likened spirit, Nathan Fillion, (Oh yes, he can write my story anytime he likes) :-), along with thrillers re serial killers, love them. Although I haven’t heard of Leverage, good chance we may not have had it here is Aus, I do know how it feels when one’s favourite show goes off air, I took it too personally a long time ago when one of mine did, and have not watched the box a lot since.

  15. Agree. I, too, enjoyed Leverage. This seems to happen a lot. Just when I’m really committed to a new show, it disappears. “Kings” is one other example.

    • I agree, happens o me too. And when you say ‘Kings’ do you mean the one about the power sruggle in a mythical kingdom with a butterfly as the crest/flag and the ascension of the new king as being signified by butterflies landing on him, or something else? Because if you do mean that one I so agree with you!!! It was great and I would have loved to see how it might have developed beyond one series. 🙂

  16. And then there are reruns…I know…they’re a sad substitute.

    • Better than nothing though! I have the DVD box sets for the first four series and was told a sad rumour they aren’t releasing the fifth…so it may be reruns or nothing for that one. A friend told me last week that two of the key actors have signed on to other series so I’m feeling quite sad about that re Leverage itself, but waiting to hear Christian Kane has done so so that there is something else I can watch him on! 🙂 They could do a movie still I suppose…fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  17. Thanks Nema – that made my day! It’s not as good as a series 6 but its great to know the whole collection will be available in that medium. 🙂

    • Nema Veze says:

      And don’t give up on Leverage yet – many actors do two series at the same time, besides, two of them are just in the pilots; many pilots are never approved.

      • That’s true – you give me hope, as well as great news re the DVD – you are my personal guardian angel today lifting my mood considerably!! Much thanks!!! 🙂

  18. marnamoore says:

    Oh my goodness I’m so glad someone else is as pissed off as I am! I literally looked forward to Leverage all the time! Where else am I going to find another fantastically dysfunctional family of con-artists?

    • So true! This was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen…not just a good show, one of the best! So clever, so good on a fundamental moral and philosophical level, and with great humor and wonderful actors to boot!!! Let’s hope there is still hope for a Leverage resurrection! 🙂

      • Nema Veze says:

        Not resurrection, hon, it is not dead 😀 It’s just… hybernating, waiting for a good opportunity. In TV businness nothing happens over the night, and though this waiting seems eternity for us, it’s not. Nobody gave up on Leverage, nor fans, neither the authors and producers. 😀

  19. caroness1 says:

    I love this rant! More power to your pen!

  20. Rachel Izabella says:

    I felt the same way or worse when Syfy cancelled Caprica. I raved, ranted, hyperventilated and clutched the furniture.

  21. Andrew Ocean says:

    . . . er, um, get over it.

  22. lawsonsotherdog says:

    hi , hey do you get dudes, who chase after you[I mean in the obvious spiritual sense] I mean i get them all the time, maybe I have a sign pray here. When I was in India I stayed at the YMCA in Calcutta in a whole world of pain with my broken foot, a guy rocks up seeing me fidget i guess ,and says, hey man, do you mind if i pray over you? do i look like i have a light over me..this has been happening for some time….do you get?……Haha thought i’d put a smile on your face!

    • Interesting…not really….I do like people who follow different spiritual paths so I’m happy to converse on such topics but I don’t think anyone sees me as either a spiritual avatar, or alternatively someone they need to spiritually ‘save’ either…I suspect most people presume I believe as they do because I respect their beliefs, but the truth is I am a creature of doubt for the most part…I don’t really know what to believe!! LOL. 🙂

      • lawsonsotherdog says:

        it was more done in humor, I also have & know lots of people too. I don’t think my material though there are pieces directly spiritual, just find it interesting

      • Cool, it is interesting…always makes one wonder how we seem to other people, eh?

      • lawsonsotherdog says:

        yeah, that’s right, you know you have a lot of talent as a writer, ever had stuff published?

      • Thank you so much – no, I haven’t really tried but I plan to self publish a couple of novels over the next 12 months so we will see how that goes! I’d say the same to you though – you are very talented, have you pursued publishing?

      • lawsonsotherdog says:

        yeah, 3 books, but poetry doesn’t sell, to be honest I never think I’m that good. Maybe that’s a writers lament. I got lucky, I’d love to write a novel. I hope the novels work out. I got on a few sites. A couple of on line mags. etc…anyway I think you have a gift!

      • Thank you, ditto to you, so good luck with your endeavours too! 🙂

      • lawsonsotherdog says:

        thanks..cheers oh well back with writing ciao!

  23. hugr5 says:

    Wasn’t that the show with Timothy Hutton in it? I remember some of his first outings, when he was a “wee bairn.” Yeah, the TV executives don’t seem to appreciate intelligent, well-written shows. I utterly HATE the reality shows! Why do I want to watch somone else’s life! BLAH! I got enough to worry about in my own little kingdom, thank you very much!

    Losing a TV show that you loved is like losing a friend. I understand how you feel. Maybe you should send a copy of this blog into the TV Network that cancelled the show. It is a well-written rant. 🙂

    • Thank you! I think there are a legion of leverage fans working to try to get a comeback or a movie..we still live in hope. And yes, it was the show with Timothy Hutton in it. 🙂

  24. I loved Leverage and all the characters. Such a happy ending, do good for others kinda series, instead of this stupid reality housewives crap. I feel your pain.

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